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Over the past 18 seasons of tailgating in all parts of the country, in many different venues, I have witnessed the great community spirit of tailgaters everywhere. One expression that community spirit takes is in the form of charities and foundations that many of you have started or worked with. I want to feature many of these efforts here, with info and links, in case there are some out there who would like to learn more and/or get involved. Here’s the first of many to come... is a wonderful tailgating project, started by Craig & Matt Steichen, in conjunction with the Wounded Warriors Project.

Created for a father-son team to be the First Ever to visit all 32 NFL Stadiums in the same 17 week season, while honoring our nation's military along the way.

Every Stadium will have special guests thanks to the Wounded Warrior Project. The Soldier(s) will join Matt and Craig prior to the game for a warm Stadium welcome at all 32 locations. We look forward to teaming up with such a wonderful program and putting a smile on a Wounded Warrior's face.

We will be tailgating and setting up Welcoming Parties in every city and we invite everyone to stop by and join us!

We want to know about your community efforts/charities/foundations, connected with tailgating. We will feature many of these on, and will create a special section of the website listing these great efforts/organizations by stadium location. Together you're changing the face of tailgating!