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From Brett Y. a Giants Tailgater

This is the recipe for the New and Improved Yurgers as it took a little while to perfect the recipe. I had to listen to everybody's thoughts before perfecting them.¬  The Commish tried these last year at Giants Stadium and¬ had cheese hanging from his beard. Good times!!

To yield about 15 good size burgers this is what I use:

2lbs¬  ground sirloin
2 lbs  ground veal
plenty of chopped crispy cooked bacon
1 bag shredded Asiago cheese
1 bag shredded mozzarella cheese
cubes of Monterrey Colby Jack cheese (Kraft makes this)
minced onion to taste
a good amount of chili powder (this gives burger the flavor)
salt/pepper to taste
bbq sauce- add a little at a time while mixing all ingredients together so you don't get the mixture too wet

You can be as liberal with the cheese as you want, the more the better.¬  As I always say, when the cheese starts to ooze the Yurger is done. Enjoy.