Be Prepared: Tailgate Weather Checklist for Any Game Day Forecast!

Be Prepared: Tailgate Weather Checklist for Any Game Day Forecast!

Hey there, fellow tailgate warriors! If there’s one thing we can’t control on game day, it’s the weather. But fear not! As a seasoned tailgater who’s braved everything from scorching heat to torrential downpours, I’m here to help you prepare for any weather Mother Nature throws our way. This ultimate tailgate weather checklist will ensure you’re ready to tackle any forecast and keep the party going strong. So, grab your gear, gather your crew, and let’s dive into the essentials for every tailgate scenario!

Sunny Skies: Sizzle and Shine

Ah, the classic sunny day tailgate. Nothing beats grilling under a bright blue sky. But as much as we love the sun, it can be a double-edged sword if you’re not prepared. Here’s how to stay cool and comfortable when the temperature rises.

Sunscreen and Hats

You’ve got to protect yourself from those UV rays. There was this one game where I forgot my hat and ended up looking like a lobster by halftime. Don’t make my mistake—pack sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and wide-brimmed hats for everyone.

Pop-Up Tents and Umbrellas

Shade is your best friend on a sunny day. Pop-up tents and umbrellas are lifesavers. I remember setting up a couple of pop-up tents at a tailgate once, and it became the most popular spot in the parking lot. Make sure you have enough shade for your crew to relax in between games of cornhole.

Coolers and Ice

A well-stocked cooler is crucial. Fill it with ice packs to keep your drinks cold and refreshing. Pro tip: freeze water bottles the night before to use as extra ice packs. They’ll melt throughout the day, providing ice-cold water just when you need it.

Hydration Essentials

Speaking of water, hydration is key. Bring plenty of bottled water and consider sports drinks to replenish electrolytes. Trust me, you don’t want anyone passing out from dehydration before kickoff.

Rainy Day: Wet and Wild

Don’t let a little rain ruin your tailgate. Some of the best parties I’ve been to were in the rain. Here’s how to stay dry and keep the fun going.

Waterproof Gear

Pack rain ponchos and waterproof jackets for everyone. I always keep a stash of disposable ponchos in my car—they’re cheap and surprisingly effective. Waterproof boots or old sneakers will keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Tarps and Extra Tents

Set up tarps and extra tents to create dry zones for food and seating. I’ve used tarps to create makeshift walls around our pop-up tents, and it worked like a charm. Just make sure everything is securely tied down so it doesn’t blow away.

Covered Grills

If you’re grilling, use a covered grill to keep the rain out. I once brought a small portable grill with a lid, and it saved our burgers from getting soggy. You can also get creative with makeshift covers using foil or trays.

Entertainment Alternatives

Rainy weather can dampen outdoor games, so bring alternative entertainment like card games or portable speakers for a tailgate dance party. We turned a rainy tailgate into a karaoke showdown once, and it was a blast!

Cold Weather: Chill and Thrill

When the temperature drops, it’s all about staying warm and cozy. Here’s how to keep your spirits high and your body temperature higher.

Layer Up

Dress in layers so you can adjust as needed. Thermal underwear, fleece jackets, and warm hats are your best friends. I’ve found that fingerless gloves are great for keeping warm while still being able to grip your drink or tongs.

Blankets and Throws

Pack plenty of blankets and throws. I once brought a heated blanket that plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter, and it was a game-changer. Fleece throws are also great for wrapping up and staying snug.

Hot Beverages

Bring a thermos of hot coffee, cocoa, or even spiked cider. A friend of mine brings a portable propane heater and a kettle for hot drinks—it’s like having a mini café at your tailgate.

Warm Food

Serve warm, hearty food like chili, soup, or hot sandwiches. A slow cooker plugged into a power inverter can keep your chili piping hot all day. We once had a tailgate chili cook-off, and it kept everyone warm and well-fed.

Windy Conditions: Brace for the Breeze

Wind can be tricky, but with a few smart strategies, you can keep everything from blowing away and still have a blast.

Weight Down Your Gear

Secure tents, tables, and grills with weights. I’ve used sandbags and even heavy coolers to keep things grounded. Bungee cords and rope can also help keep everything in place.


Set up windbreaks using tarps or strategically placed vehicles. We parked our cars in a semi-circle to create a windbreak once, and it made a huge difference. You can also use portable wind screens if you have them.

Low-Profile Items

Use low-profile items that are less likely to catch the wind. Instead of tall tables, opt for low picnic tables and benches. Keep food and drinks in sturdy containers with lids to prevent spills.

Plan Wind-Friendly Activities

Avoid activities that could be disrupted by the wind. Instead of Frisbee, bring a football or set up a ring toss game. We once had a kite-flying contest at a particularly windy tailgate—it was hilarious and surprisingly fun!

Unpredictable Weather: Ready for Anything

Sometimes, the forecast is all over the place. Here’s how to be ready for anything and roll with the punches.

Versatile Clothing

Wear versatile clothing that can adapt to changing conditions. Convertible pants, moisture-wicking shirts, and packable rain jackets are great options. I always keep a change of clothes in my car, just in case.

Flexible Setup

Have a flexible setup that can be easily adjusted. Keep tarps, extra ropes, and bungee cords on hand to quickly modify your tailgate area. We once had to move our entire setup under a bridge during a sudden downpour—being flexible saved the day.

Stay Informed

Keep an eye on the weather using a reliable app. It’s saved me more than once from unexpected showers or sudden temperature drops. Weather alerts can give you a heads-up so you can adjust your plans accordingly.

Embrace the Adventure

Finally, embrace the adventure and have fun no matter what. Some of my most memorable tailgates happened under less-than-ideal conditions. Rain or shine, it’s the camaraderie and spirit of the game that make it special.

So there you have it, tailgate warriors! With this weather checklist, you’ll be ready for anything and everything on game day. Remember, it’s all about preparation and flexibility. Now go out there, have a blast, and may your tailgates be legendary!

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