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Big Jonny G's Cleveland Browns Tailgate Potatoes

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(Can be cut down to 5 or less pounds as desired)

10 lbs. White, Yellow or Red (my favorite) Potatoes
1 each Large (softball size) Vidalia Onion (Sweet onion)
3-4 each Bell Peppers (Usually 2 Green, One Red, One Orange)
1 each Hot to Medium Peppers (Habanera, Jalapeno, Chile, etc. I like to mix a variety from very hot to medium. I remove most seeds, except for one or two, depends on the hotness level desired. I tend to make mine fairly hot).
1 each Parmesan Cheese (I use one large container for 10lb. Should solidly cover the entire exposed surface of the potatoes).
½ Cup Olive Oil
1 Box Secret Ingredient (Luzianneâ Cajun Chicken Coating Mix)
1 each Clean small plastic garbage bag or equivalent
1 each 12" x 24" Cooking pan (An aluminum turkey pan or large disposable square baking pan works well. Saves time on cleanup. Use 9" x 13" pan for 5lbs).


Wash the potatoes, leaving the skin on. Cut the potatoes into approximately one inch (2-3 cm) cubes. (I have been using an apple corer lately, works great and fast). Wash, clean and cut the bell peppers into small chunks. I usually cut them into about ½ inch wide strips, then make ½ inch square pieces. Dice the whole onion the same way as the peppers, about ¼ to ½ inch chunks. Chop up the hot peppers (don't touch your eyes!!). I usually keep the seeds out of the habaneras and leave the rest in. But if you want it hotter, keep all the seeds.

Take the garbage bag and add the potatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers and onions to the bag. Add about a ½ cup of olive oil or other oil and one whole packet of the chicken coating mix (use ½ bag for 5 lb. batch). Shake the bag well to evenly coat the potatoes and to evenly mix in the peppers and onions.

Lightly coat the pan with oil and pour the contents of the garbage bag into the pan. Completely cover the potatoes with a good solid layer of parmesan cheese. Bake the whole mess at (I'm guessing here, because I cook these on my pig spit grill for about 1.5 hours) 375°F for one and a half hours. Cook until the potatoes are soft and well done. The potatoes should be sticky and cheesy.

Feeds: A lot of people!!