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Burger Bacon Dogs

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From Bruce in Keystone Heights, Florida
I represent the University of Florida Gators and I bleed "Orange and Blue"!

1 pound of hamburger
1 pound of thin sliced bacon
8 hot dogs (the real deal, no cheap ones!)
4 slices of cheese(split the slices of cheese in half)
1 egg
16 toothpicks
Tin Foil Wrap

Combined hamburger, egg and your spices/seasonings to taste and form 8 hamburger patties.

Spread out your bacon with every two slices being about 2 " apart.

Slice each hot dog from end to end, NOT completely through, maybe half through the thickness of the dog and insert one half slice of the cheese into each dog.

Place the dog on one end of the hamburger patty and carefully roll the dog while wrapping it with the patty.


Place this carefully at the ends of your bacon, which should be spaced 2 " apart....(2 slices of bacon per burger-dog), carefully roll and wrap the bacon. Secure bacon to each burger-dog with two toothpicks.  NOTE: Leave each toothpick exposed on one side or the other in order to remove them after cooking.

Wrap your burger-dogs with tin foil and place on grill over medium heat, but do not place directly over flame. Cook for half-hour and then CAREFULLY remove foil from burger-dogs (HOT JUICE-Be Careful!)

Place burger dogs back onto grill for browning.

Serve with any condiments by itself or on a large Hoagie Roll - Awesome!!!