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Chocolate Mint Brownies

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Here is my favorite tailgating desert!

Make your favorite brownies mix. Bake.

As soon as they come out of the up little foil wrapped mints. One bag will more than cover a 9x13 pan. Cover the brownies leaving a little space.

Return to oven to soften. Or place in the broiler for two minutes, if the brownies are cold.) Remove and spread with a knife.

The less you mix the prettier it is... white and chocolate. VOILA!! Easy icing. People think you spent hours.

Hint: I line a pan with foil. Leave 2 inch overhang on edges and Pam the foil before baking brownies. When really cold, pull out foil and brownies come out in a square, and easily cut in perfect squares.

Notes from the Parking Lot, (or as we like to call 'em) Tailgating Tales: We served these Brownies at the Brebeuf Jesuit homecoming tailgate contest. I grew up in Bloomington, tailgate'n for Indiana University with my parents. I am an IU grad but my children are now in high school. Brebeuf Jesuit is a college preparatory high school in Indianapolis. Homecoming was October 15th, 1999 and we had our third annual Tailgate contest. Joe Drozda, (author of tailgaters handbook) was one of the judges. Our theme was "Land of the free but home of the BRAVES"...(Indian is our mascot). We deep fried a Cajun turkey in the parking lot. My son's group won best student for the third straight year. We won best over all and best theme for the night. Two trophies!