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Dan's Shrimp Scampi

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a staple in Parking Lot 2 at Yankee Stadium on Sundays.

2lb bag frozen E-Z Peel Shrimp (21-25 per pound)
3-4 cloves Fresh Garlic (minced)
Olive Oil
1/4 cup parsley - chopped
1 lemon
Salt, Cayenne Pepper
1 Cheap Frying Pan

At home, run cold water over Shrimp until they are unfrozen, completely peel shrimp, throw in freezer bag, transport to game in cooler over ice.

At game, Heat (about a pancake sized circle of) Olive Oil in Frying Pan. Add minced garlic once oil is hot - but not burning or frying.  Cut lemon into half, save one half. Take other half of lemon and cut into quarters, save.  Once garlic just starts to brown, throw in all of the shrimp, stir shrimp.  Keep stirring to make sure that the shrimp is evenly pink. Once all of the shrimp are opaque and pink, take off heat.

In frying pan of shrimp, add about 1+ tsp salt, juice from the 1/2 lemon and
about 2 tsp cayenne pepper. Mix.  Transfer to plate, top with parlsey, and throw the lemon quarters on the side.