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Easy Brisket

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From Brad T. a Kansas City Chief's Tailgater

I have fix this for most of the Chiefs games that I have gone to and hardly any comes home.

Take a whole brisket and trim to about a 1/8" fat cover. Season the brisket with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and Cajun spice. Take brisket out and grill until rare. If it chars that is ok. When this is done, the brisket should be taken off the grill and placed on a cutting board and sliced about a 1/4" thick and placed in a foil roasting pan.

The brisket is ready to be steamed at this point.  Slice onions and green peppers to mix in with the meat. Add liquid smoke, garlic powder and Frank's Red-Hot Sauce to taste along with a can of beer. Then add spicy V-8 juice to pan. Place back on the grill and steam for 3 hrs checking fluid level periodically.

We are there when the gates open and after set-up this pan is the first thing back on the grill to finish steaming another couple of hours. The only complicated thing about this is to watch the salt because every time you add the V-8 juice it seems to add alot of salt to the mix,

Usually serve on bun.