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Giant's Flank Steak

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Andrea from South Jersey

1 flank steak (poked w/ a fork about 100 times, w/ shallow cross-slits cut in both sides)

soy sauce
minced garlic
black pepper (I always used fresh cracked)

brushing w/ a Teryaki BBQ Sauce.  Remove while still rare.

VERY IMPORTANT: cut very thin slices @ an angle.  Toss on a steak roll.


I love the Giants!!!  I hold season tickets and tailgate up in the Meadowlands at each home game.  I am always looking for new recipes since, being the only female in the lot, I prepare most of the food.  It's always quite a challenge because one of the guys doesn't eat anything with mustard, ketchup, out.  Another guy will eat only hamburgers and hot dogs.... how boring does that get!?  Most of the time I have to make something up and just not tell them what's in there... and cross my fingers they don't pick out any of the distinct flavors of whatever it is they don't like.