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Grandma Fried Falcon

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This recipe is from the FALCOHOLICS TAILGATE CREW.

1 - Family pack of chicken wings (18pc)
2 - Vidaila Onion or Yellow Onion
1 - 16oz. Bottle of Buttermilk or regular milk  (Buttermilk is better)
1 - Bag of Season Chicken Breader (Normal flour will work if needed.)
2 - Aluminum Trays
Vegetable Cooking Oil
Italian dressing

Rinse chicken wings and season with favorite ingredients (NO SALT IF USING SEASON BREADER).

Peel and cut both onions into rings. Mix chicken and 1 Onion together in bowl. 2nd Onion place in ZIP LOCK BAG separate.

After seasoning evenly place chicken and Onions into Zip-Lock bags, before sealing bags sprinkle Italian Dressing on chicken. Place chicken in refrigerator overnight.

Heat Oil in deep fryer. While oil is heating up, pour buttermilk into separate tray and pour chicken breader into the other tray.  Empty 1st bag of chicken into buttermilk tray, coat chicken and onions with buttermilk then transfer to chicken breader tray.  Coat chicken evenly with breader and transfer to cooking oil Repeat with 2nd bag of chicken.

Once Oil is hot put the separate onion into the oil....Let cook for about 2 min. Then add breaded chicken....

Cook chicken until golden brown and drain excess grease... 10 - 15 min...

Better than your GRANDMA CHICKEN...