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Green Bay Kielbasa

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Vincent and fellow tailgaters from Hofstra University in New York

Now traditionally, I've always used my uncle's concoction of a sauce for the Green Bay.  This dates back to college, where this delight of a sandwich was created at 5am one summer morning when a friend of mine and I returned from a night out in Buffalo. Originally, we fried this sucker up on a range stove 
and iron skillet- it tasted fantastic, and since then it's moved to the BBQ.

Hillshire Farms Kielbasa (any variation)
White American cheese, sliced and NOT processed!
long French bread, hard style without seeds
special BBQ sauce, ours is a proprietary blend mixed up by my uncle, prepared in the summer, settles in time for the fall.

Stoke up the grill; old fashioned briquettes are favored as we're purists here. Take the Kielbasa link- split the horse shoe in half so you have two lengths. take the links and split them up the middle- wing out length, but keep it together so it could fold.

After a couple of minutes on the grill, place the white American slices in the folds of the kielbasa. let them melt a little.. add the special sauce on top.

Cook the sausages a bit, let them brown and the cheese melt. baste the links 
with some more sauce.

Split open the French bread. you may add some sauce so the sausage sits on a bed of it.