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Hawkeye Oatmeal Stout

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...from Iowa Tailgater Steve Eliason

One of the great way to prepare for an Football game at the University of Iowa is to consume a hand-crafted, Oatmeal Stout. Thick and creamy, this brew not only acts as a meal, but Oatmeal has been shown to reduce cholesterol! Enjoy.

4 cups Oatmeal (Bob's Red Milled Thick Rolled Oats)
1 lb Briess Roasted 6 row grains
1 oz Hallertauer Hops (3.2 % alpha)
1 oz Willamette Hops (5.7 % alpha)
½ oz Bullion hops (9.8 % alpha)
2 cans (3.3 lbs) Mahogony Coast Dark Extract, unhopped
1 pkg Munton and Fison Ale yeast (dry)
Boil three gallons H2O,

Boil oatmeal, grains and extract in about 2 gallons H2O, then pitch yeast in when the wort has cooled to room temp.

Primary ferment for 5 days

Secondary ferment for 7 days

Add 2/3 cup corn sugar, bottle in about 55 12 oz bottles.

This beer will be very good at 2 weeks post bottling, but will peak at about 5-6 months.