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Husker Pepper Dip

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From Verleen R. in OMaha Nebraska

3 (8oz) bricks cream cheese - softened
1 stick butter - softened
1/2 - 3/4 c. grated parmesan cheese (fresh)
1 pkg. Hidden Valley dip or dressing mix

Mix everything together well and divide into 1/3's. (For bigger groups, I divide in half.) Coat 3 (or 2) small plastic dishes (with lids) with either butter or PAM, pour in coarse ground pepper to coat the bottom of the dish and part way up the sides. Spread the dip evenly into the dishes. Cover and freeze. Take the dip out an hour or two before serving to soften. Serve with pretzels. (I don't know exactly why, but this is really best if it IS frozen first. No- fat cream cheese won't work, but a combo of low fat and regular will work fairly well.)

This is a surefire hit at every tailgate and football party. I am quite sure we only get invited to some parties so I will bring this dip. The fact that it can be frozen for later use, only makes it that much easier. There is always and extra on hand.

We have this at every Nebraska Cornhusker home game tailgate, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has become our tailgate signature. Even the visiting team's fans that stop by ask for the recipe, and although they may be our rivals on the field, in the parking lot we all enjoy our tailgate experience.