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  • The Commisioner's Blog
    We are now going into a new age with a new and improved site. I spilled barbecue sauce on my computer so we had to clean that up along with building a new site in this new information age.
    We need your help. I'm on the road to the Super Bowl in New York, but need your help with this website. Visit my Tell The Commish page.
    Tell your friends, bookmark this page, this is your website., "of the tailgaters, from the tailgaters, by the tailgaters" from the Tailgaters Constitution of the Tailgating Nation.
  • Super Bowl 2012
    Indianapolis for the Super Bowl to tailgate in the Circle City. Check out for updates. A new city, a new Year and soon a new website for everyone to enjoy.

  • Checking In With The Commish - October 26, 2010
    We check in with The Commissioner of Tailgating, Joe Cahn. Today, we chat about his appearance on Fox and Friends, the Bing National Tailgating Championship (which starts in Houston on November 7th), 3 things we need to know about The Commish, a tailgating tip for beginners, a tailgating recipe The Commish loves right now, the next [...]

  • Clips from Tailgate Takedown
    Tricked out USC ‘57 Chevy.

  • Tailgating for Tailgating Takedown
    Getting ready for the big tailgate here in Ft. Worth to celebrate the premier of “Tailgate Takedown” tonite on TLC at 10:00 PM Eastern. Marinating, slicing and dicing . . . Two episodes tonite and more on the way. So fire up those coals and enjoy the premier tonite. P.S. re-launches tonight!

  • Tailgating - Pro Bowl Style
    Got a great tailgate at the Pro Bowl? Hit me up.

  • On My Way to the Pro Bowl...
    On my way to the Pro Bowl to tailgate at the beach. Last year went to Reno and had so much fun and food had to go back. They shut down downtown so fans come out and tailgate. Great concept and it worked and was great. This year it will be better and if you’re in [...]

  • Super Bowl Doesn’t Mean Super Tailgating
    o home team, no home field advantage. That’s what happens at a Super Bowl. It is a time to celebrate in another city and explore the best of what Tampa has to offer. For some its time to get out of the snow and just feel warm all over. Tampa has some of the best tailgating [...]

  • Cotton Bowl - Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech, 1/2/09
    Where howdy met hi y’all. Where smokers met cold appetizers. Where cowboys and cowgirls met gentlemen and ladies. Where Texas met the Deep South. This was the Cotton Bowl. The last to be played at the Texas State Fair Grounds. (Next year Jerry World) What a great way to say good-bye to a rich history and [...]

  • Not Only the Destination
    Take time to smell the roses or eat the oranges. It’s not only the destinations — the tailgates — but the journey that I love. We live in such a great country from sea to shining sea, not only the beauty of the country but stopping to visit with the people. Keep the campaign alive. [...]

  • Tampa - December 21st
    What a great and diverse country we live in. Snow from Seattle to Foxborough, cold and frigid weather everywhere — well not everywhere. The Commish was in Tampa, 76 and sunny. Hey somebody had to be at a tailgate where shorts and Bucs tee shirts were the dress of the day. The other dress of [...]

  • magicJack Bowl, Tropicana Field
    Bowl gamea are a different animal. In this case Bulls and Tigers. At most bowl games there isn’t a home team, but here, USF is only 30 miles away from Tropicana Field and the USF fans came to tailgate. Tee shirts and shorts are the uniform of the day even Santa wants to be in Florida. [...]