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Patriot Steak Tips

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Phil in Norwood, Mass.

1 1/2 pounds of quality steak tips
one cup creamy italian dressing
one cup italian dressing
one cup barbecue sauce

(all done the night before the game) trim most of the fat from the tips and beat them with a mallet to tenderize them cut the steak tips into one and a half or two inch cubes pour all dressing into a large food storage bag put steak in the food storage bag with the dressing and shake vigorously marinate the tips in the refrigerator over night

IN THE PARKING LOT take tips out of the bag and throw all of them on a large grill and simply grill to your liking! This is a "secret" recipe from our local sports bar in Norwood, Mass; please don't tell anyone!

We have had Pats tix for the past seven years and we tailgate every Sunday/Monday.  We arrive at the game four hours prior to kick off and unload the truck.  We begin with bloody Mary's, mimosas, beer, and a large egg and cheese scramble.  Next we move on to your basic BBQ marinated chicken breasts, our famous patriots steak tips, kielbasa marinated in grape jelly (it is delicious, although it may not sound it), baked chicken wings, and the like. after a few beverages we begin to dance and sing to the stereo/CD player. we have large speakers atop our truck. we all have a great time, and just before we head into the stadium, we huddle for a "what time is it?" "GAME TIME, HUH!" chant. pats tailgating is fantastic.