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Philly Cheesesteak Wid or Wid-Out

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Recipe courtesy of da' Navy Chief from Northeast Philly

The best about tailgating and tailgating food at the Vet (now the Link) in Philadelphia is a cheesesteak.  It's too much trouble to cook them at the stadium so we stop at either Pat's or Geno's in South Philly.  They're across the street from each other at 12th and Passyunk.  People line up hours before a game to get a "cheesesteak wid" (with onions) or a cheesesteak wid-out (hold the onions).  We get 'bout a dozen of 'em and head to the parking lot before going in to watch the Iggles play.  If you really want to make 'em though, here's the recipe:

10-inch Italian roll
6 oz. chipped eyeroast or choice round
5 slices of white American cheese or Provolone or
3 oz. Cheese Whiz
2 oz. chopped onions
1 oz. olive oil

Partially freeze the roast, then slice as thin as possible about 1/16 of an inch.  Fry onions in olive oil.  Add the meat.  Chop it up as it is cooking.  If you are using real cheese, mix the meat and onions together in a mound.  Lay the cheese on and just before it starts to melt, lay the roll on top.  Let cook for about 15 seconds and flip the whole thing over.  If using Cheese Whiz, still mix the meat and onions, but slab the Cheese Whiz all over the roll.  Some people like to "gut" the roll" (pull out the bread).  Not as chewy, but not as messy either.  Still other people like fried mushrooms, green peppers, or pizza sauce.