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Piggy Cheese Dip

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Shawn S. from Anaconda

This is a recipe that made me famous for Sunday cookin'.

1 lb. Bacon
1 lb. Sausage (I use Owens hot sausage)
2 lbs. Velveeta Cheese
Habanero Tabasco sauce to taste (I use more than my wife and friends can stand so there is more for me)
Few sprinkles of steak seasoning (I use some good stuff from a local steak shop)
2 bags of Tostito's Gold tortilla chips

Cook bacon and set aside. Then cook sausage and add a sprinkle of the seasoning and a few drops of the Tabasco sauce. Cut the cheese into little cubes and put it all into a Crock-pot. Stir about every 7-10 minutes. After it is all melted add a little more steak seasoning and Tabasco sauce and stir it all in. Drink lots of your favorite cold beverage in this time because this is an appetizer and there will be nothing to sponge up the beer in your stomach. But make sure to not drink it all because this stuff is HOT.

PS: Go Cowboys and Texans