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Raymond and Linda Reeves from Southern Miss

Ground Meat
Cajun Link Sausage (preferably Polk's Brand Sausage) - cut up into very
small pieces after cooking
Italian Ground Sausage
Cheddar Cheese
Swiss Cheese
Lee & Perrin's
Italian spices
Meat Magic
Tony Chacherie's Roux Mix

Cook each meat separately, mixing in spices as needed (to taste) Hollow out bread. Mix meat, sausage, cheese. Use a small portion of the grease from sausage to make gravy; mix grease and Tony Chacherie's Roux Mix to make. Put meat mixture, gravy and more cheese on top in hollowed out bread and bake until bread is browned and crispy.

Note: The pirogues won a tailgating award this past spring at the Southern Miss Spring Game.