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Radcliff's Clam Dip

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From Mike Radcliffe, Baltimore Ravens Tailgater

We have a group of about 15 - 25 tailgaters at the Baltimore Ravens home games. I don't know whether or not the rest of the crew likes my dish but I sure do.

2 pints of sour cream
3-4 cans of minced clams (drained)
squirt approx 3-5 TBS. of lemon juice
Approx. 1 TBS. of horseradish
Tabasco to taste (I like a lot; to the point where the dip takes on a slight pink color)

Mix, chill, enjoy with ridged B-B-Q chips.

As to main food items it appears that our favorite main dish has been prime rib steak sandwiches. We purchase an 8 - 10 lb rib roast (without bone) and slice it into 3/8" sandwich steaks. Cook on grill with B-B-Q or A-1 steak sauce & serve on a roll.