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Ramblin' Wreck Bratty Melts

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from Chris in Marietta, GA

Georgia Tech is one of the few colleges with an on-campus stadium located in a major city. There's no other experience like tailgating for a college football game under the skyline in Midtown Atlanta. Here's a modified Waffle House favorite, made just for tailgaters. TO HELL WITH GEORGIA!

1 lb ground sirloin or chuck
1 lb of uncooked brats
slab of cheddar
one sliced Vidalia onion
margarine spread
loaf of Texas toast
Separate the casing and meat of the brats, and mix the brat meat with the ground beef. Discard the brat casing. Slap the mixed meat into 1/4 lb patties. Grill the patties to your liking. While grilling, "butter" the spread onto one side the Texas toast slices. Make a sandwich with the sliced Vidalia, cheddar, cooked patties, and toast slice (with the buttered side on the outside of the sandwich). Throw a pan on the grill and grill the sandwiches in the pan, so the spread "fries" the toast. Cook both sides of the sandwich until Old Golden brown. I eat my melts with mayo and ketchup, but I'm a condiment slut.