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Tailgating & Technology

Tailgating & TechnologyCheck it out!  The Commish speaks out about how technology has taken the agony out of managing tailgates in a New York Times article. You can read the article HERE.

Technology you can use!

Over the past 20 years of my tailgating travels and experiences, many things have changed while others have remained the same. Community spirit, camaraderie, and the love of food and football have continued making tailgating scenes the last great American neighborhoods. As the Commish of Tailgating, I have met so many new people. And that's what it's all about: spending time and conversing with folks to make lasting memories.

Now, what has changed over those years? Well for one, technology. And I'll be the first to tell ya. I see so many folks with their cell phones out at tailgates, visiting with their "virtual friends" while all the time, they are standing in a lot full of folks with whom they have so many things in common. I say "put those phones away, meet a new person, and take some time to learn a new thing or two."

Until I met the guys from MeetBall. They give us a great reason to pull out our phones, especially when you find yourself entering a large tailgating field when you have little idea of where the party is located.

Two years ago, these guys were attending an early morning tailgate at their alma mater Penn State. Having difficulty finding their friends, they resorted to making phone calls, being told on the other end of the line that their friends were "at the white RV with the PSU flag flying above." Well that wasn't much help. Light bulb: let's create a mobile app that shares exact locations in "undefined", off the grid areas. Enter MeetBall.

Available on both iPhones and Android devices, MeetBall gives you the ability to invite anyone in your phone's contact list to your party, in a private, controlled environment. This easy, secure access makes the invite process a breeze. Once you've invited your friends to join the MeetBall platform, send them an invite sharing your location via GPS. Your friends follow the arrow on their screen to your location. You spend more time socializing, not texting, emailing or answering calls helping them find you.

Now that's what I call a technological advancement in tailgating. Check out my schedule for this season and I hope to see you out there soon! We'll definitely be MeetBallin' visit our NEW “Hot Tailgating Resources” page for a link to learn more!