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About Tailgating yoU

Joe Cahn - The Commissioner Of Tailgating

Tailgating yoU has established a 20-year track record of Tailgating and consumer research excellence. Pioneering insights have helped guide consumer marketing strategy for clients such as Campbell's, Bullseye BBQ Sauce, Coca-Cola and more. The Institute will also have health studies and feature information to make your tailgating experience a healthy one. Tailgating yoU also enables students to learn from Tailgating Professors across the country about the art and science of tailgating.

Food for thoughts or thoughts for food?

Many Masters and PHD’s have now been written about tailgating and the socialization that happens in the parking lot. Do you have one, or a class project that you would like to share with your peers?

Get Schooled at Tailgating 101

Corn, potatoes, and lobster