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Texas Style Pork Poppers

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From Damon Whatley in Wichita Falls, Texas

1 Pork Tenderloin
Can or Jar of Sliced Jalepenos (Keep the Juice)
Bacon Strips
1/2 large bottle of Zesty Italian Dressing (Kraft, etc.)
Liquid Smoke
Green Tabasco
Lawrey's Season Salt
Lemon Pepper
Garlic Salt
1 box of wooden Toothpicks or skewers

These make for great appetizers or main dishes if you can handle the heat.

Slice the tenderloin into 1/2 inch thick medallions. Cut bacon strips in half (5 inch strips). Place 1 to 2 jalapenos in the middle of each tenderloin medallion. Fold the medallion over to enclose the jalapenos and then wrap the 1/2 slice of bacon around the pork. Run the skewer or toothpick through the middle securing the bacon around the pork. A skewer will hold 5 or 6 poppers, where a toothpick will hold only one.

Lay the poppers in a large pan and coat them with italian dressing and left over jalapeno juice. Liberally sprinkle Worcestershire, liquid smoke, and green Tabasco evenly over the poppers. Apply Lawry's season salt, lemon pepper, and garlic salt evenly. Flip or mix the poppers to make sure they are evenly coated on both sides. Marinate from 2 to 24 hours in the refrigerator or cooler.

At the game, fire up your grill and place poppers directly over the hot coals. Be careful bacon will flame up so keep the lid closed or have a water bottle available. Cook until done, usually 20 minutes, flipping once or twice. These also cook well in a smoker after about an hour or so at 250 degrees plus (mesquite wood or hickory is best). When ready, grab a cold drink because you'll need it, and serve!

These are a hit at every party and event we've ever been to, and I never have leftovers!